Specifications for the Suzuki LT250R

by John London

The Suzuki LT250R is an all-terrain vehicle, also known as an ATV or a quad, produced by the Suzuki Motor Corporation, a Japanese conglomerate specialized in producing ATVs, compact cars, four-by-four vehicles, motorcycles, wheelchairs and internal combustion engines. The LT250R was produced between 1985 and 1992 and represents a prototype of a modern ATV.


The "250" in the name of the Suzuki LT250R refers to the displacement of its engine. The ATV is equipped with a 246 cc two-stroke engine. Two-stoke engines are used in smaller engines, and most modern ATVs are equipped with four-stroke engines. The engine of the Suzuki LT250R is cooled by water. The ATV comes with a TM34SS Mikuni carburator. The Suzuki LT250R is equipped with a six-speed chain transmission. The engine is started by a kick starter.


The Suzuki LT250R is 72-inches long and 44.7-inches wide. The ground clearance of the ATV measures 4.9 inches. The Suzuki LT250R comes with a 8.7-inch travel front suspension and a swing-arm rear suspension, also with a 8.7-inch travel.

Other Specifications

The Suzuki LT250R comes with a 3.0 gallon fuel tank. The ATV runs on unleaded gasoline. The vehicle's dry weight, i.e. the weight of the vehicle without any fluids, including gasoline, engine oil or brake fluid, is 324 lbs.

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