Chevy Silverado Radio Removal

by Jerry Garner

If you are thinking about replacing the current radio in your Chevy Silverado in exchange for a better one or for a different mechanism altogether, then removing the old one correctly is essential. Improper removal can cause damage and obstruct the path for a new part.

Remove the Panel

You have to remove the panel before you can take out the radio properly. Put one hand on the dash board on the side of the steering wheel. Grasp the edge of the panel tightly and pull on it. Clips hold it in place, so keep pulling until they come apart. This gives you access to the light switch. Put your fingers under and pop the mechanism to make it completely free from the dashboard. Pull the other sections of the panel until those clips give way. A total of 11 clips will have to be disengaged in most cases. Look for the wire that attaches to the right side. If you cannot see it, then your Silverado may not have it. For those that do have the wire, disconnect it and take it off so that you can remove the panel.

Remove the Radio

Depending on the radio, there may be different steps you are required to take to remove it. If your radio has levers on the sides, shift those levers down toward the floor and pull out the radio assembly. Locate the wires at the back of the radio and unplug them. Let the wires from the inside hang down from the opening that you have just created. Other radios may have levers and screws. Remove the two levers or connectors and there are three screws that you will see that secure the radio into place. Use a screwdriver to remove these as well. Pull on the bottom of the box from the mounts that hold it there and pull it down. Again, the wires will be exposed; disconnect those. In both cases, remove the antenna and the connectors, if applicable.


At the end of most removals, you will be installing a replacement. Connect the wiring on the new radio or stereo to the wires that are hanging from the dash. Slide the new device into place on the mount and put the harness and antenna into position. Life the levers as you are mounting the radio into place. Put the levers or connectors into the locked position to secure it. Test the radio to ensure that all the wires are connected properly and that the radio works. Connect the wire from the dash to the panel, and slip all the clips back into place.

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