How to Check VIN Numbers for the State of Alabama

by Tiffany Raiford
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VIN is the abbreviation for vehicle identification number. A VIN is the vehicle equivalent of a Social Security number. It keeps records of its vehicle's entire past, including owners, odometer readings and accident reports. The Alabama Department of Revenue allows anyone to perform a VIN check to see the history of a vehicle. This is most commonly done by those looking to purchase a used vehicle and want to be sure their purchase is a good one.

Step 1

Obtain a Request for Motor Vehicle Records application from the Alabama Department of Revenue.

Step 2

Provide the information requested in its particular box on the records application. This includes the license plate number, VIN, vehicle make, model and year and the name of the owner or owner's.

Step 3

Check the box that applies to the record you want to obtain with your VIN check and write a check payable to the Alabama Department of Motor Vehicles in the amount listed next to the type of vehicle record you are ordering.

Step 4

Provide your name and personal information. Your signature is required and the form must be notarized.

Step 5

Mail your application and check to: Alabama Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division 1202 Gordon Persons Building 50 N. Ripley St. Post Office Box 327680 Montgomery, AL 36132-7680

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