How to Apply to the Accelerated Vehicle Retirement Program

by Chase Hasbrouck
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The Voluntary Accelerated Vehicle Retirement (VAVR) Program is a California initiative designed to remove older cars from active service, to improve California air quality. California provides monetary incentives to selected California residents to encourage participation in the VAVR Program. These programs are administered by local air quality districts, which set the requirements for claiming the incentive.

Step 1

Verify that your vehicle has a current "Smog Check" test certificate. If not, visit the California Bureau of Automotive Repair's Smog Check testing station list (see Resources) to find a nearby station to perform the test. If your vehicle passes, go to Step 2. If it fails, see the "Tips" section for another incentive program that may be applicable.

Step 2

Consult the California Air Resources Board website to find which Air Quality District (AQD) you fall into. AQDs currently offering incentives include Antelope Valley, Bay Area, Santa Barbara County and South Coast.

Step 3

Contact a local dismantler in your area to schedule your appointment. The largest providers of dismantling services currently are Enviromental Engineering Services and Pick-N-Pull (see Resources). The dismantler will advise you of any specific local documentation requirements; typically, you must bring a copy of your title and your registration history (available from the Department of Motor Vehicles for $5 as of 2010).

Step 4

Deliver your vehicle to the dismantler, who will take possession and arrange payment.

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