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How to Check and Replace a Timing Chain in a Dodge Durango

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Many cars are equipped with a timing chain rather than a timing belt. While both drive a vehicle's camshaft, timing chains are nearly repair-free with no definitive replacement schedule. If your Dodge Durango yields a deafening rattle at acceleration, chances are it's time to check and replace your timing chain. Here's how to check and replace a timing chain in Durangos with a 2.5L engine.

Remove Your Timing Chain

Step 1

Locate the timing chain. Replace it if the automatic chain adjuster (also known as the tensioner) is damaged or worn.

Step 2

Take off the timing chain cover.

Step 3

Rotate the engine so the camshaft and crankshaft sprocket marks align.

Step 4

Disengage the crankshaft oil slinger and the camshaft sprocket bolt.

Release the sprockets and timing chain simultaneously.

Install Your Timing Chain

Step 1

Rotate the chain tensioner lever to the down (unlocked) location.

Step 2

Condense the spring by drawing the tensioner block in the direction of the tensioner lever. Grip the block and rotate the lever until it locks.

Step 3

Put in the crankshaft key, the sprockets and the timing chain. Align as needed.

Step 4

Tighten the camshaft sprocket's bolt to 80 foot pounds (108 Nm).

Step 5

Line up the crankshaft properly with 20 chain pins between the timing marks.

Step 6

Release the chain adjuster's lever and put in the oil slinger.

Replace the sprockets and timing chain, camshaft sprocket bolt and the timing chain cover.


  • Procedures for replacing timing chains in Dodge Durangos vary slightly depending on engine size.

Items you will need

  • New timing chain
  • Various wrenches and screwdrivers
  • Seal puller

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