How to Check the Oil on a Craftsman Air Compressor

by Necie Reed
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If you own a home and like to do your own maintenance or are fond of projects, you're sure to realize the many benefits of owning an air compressor. You can attach air compressors to nail guns, sand blasters, caulk guns, spray guns and even air ratchets. The power provided by an air compressor increases your work productivity and efficiency while decreasing the time required on a project. Check the oil levels on your Craftsman air compressor prior to each use.

Step 1

Turn your air compressor off. Unplug the machine from the power supply unit and allow it to cool down, if necessary.

Step 2

Locate the crankcase on your air compressor and identify the oil tank.

Step 3

Remove the oil fill plug (sometimes referred to as the dipstick) from the oil fill hole. The oil should be leveled with the oil fill hole. If the oil is 3/8-inch or more below the fill hole, add oil to the tank.

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