How to Check the Oil Level in a BMW K 1200 LT

by Will Wright

The BMW K 1200 LT is a luxury touring motorcycle, designed for comfort, performance and style during long rides. Regularly checking its engine oil level and topping off if necessary will keep its engine parts lubricated and performing optimally. BMW recommends checking the oil at normal operating temperature after the first 600 miles and every 6,000 miles thereafter. If you ride the K 1200 LT only for short distances or when the ambient temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, BMW recommends you check the oil every three months or 1,800 miles.

Step 1

Wait at least ten minutes after operating the K 1200 LT.

Step 2

Place the motorcycle on its center stand so it is level.

Step 3

Check the oil by looking in the inspection glass, located on the lower-right side of the engine. The upper and lower ring markings on the glass represent the maximum and minimum oil levels, respectively.

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