Changing the Fuel Pump Filter on a Nissan Pickup

by David Roberts
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The fuel pump in your Nissan pickup pushes the fuel through the lines from the gas tank to the fuel intake of the engine. If you've ever removed a gas tank from an older vehicle, you know that at the bottom of the tank there are particles of rust, dirt and debris. The smallest bit of debris from your gas tank can become a very expensive problem if it is pumped into the inner workings of your engine. Enter the screen or filter on the fuel pump. This keeps all these particles away from the fuel lines and your engine.

Step 1

Remove the fuel pump fuse from the fuse box. The location of this fuse depends on the model of pickup you own but is usually found in the firewall area of the engine compartment or underneath the steering column on the interior of the truck. Start the truck and let the engine run until it quits. This will drain the fuel that has already been primed into position and will reduce fuel spillage when you remove the fuel pump.

Step 2

Disconnect the negative battery cable from the negative battery terminal. Move the cable to make sure that it cannot come into contact with the metal body of the truck.

Step 3

Remove the high and low pressure lines from the fuel pump unit and use the rubber stoppers to prevent fuel from escaping. Insert the stoppers on the side of the lines that are coming from the gas tank. Some models of Nissan truck use gator clips to hold the hoses onto the fuel pump. These can be removed by pinching the sides with a thumb and a forefinger. Unplug the electrical leads with a gentle pull.

Step 4

Use the ratchet with the appropriately sized socket to remove the mounting bolts that secure the fuel pump to the engine block. Some models will be a 10mm others may be 12mm. Set the bolts aside. If you are having trouble removing them, spray some PB Blaster penetrating lubricant on them and let it soak in. Lift the fuel pump off the engine block. Use caution to ensure that the gasket located under the fuel pump does not break off or fall into the engine.

Step 5

Remove the old gasket from the engine block and the fuel pump. These gaskets will often fail at the same time the pump filter does; it's best to be safe and replace both at the same time.

Step 6

Slide the old strainer/filter off the assembly; it will be located immediately below the pump. Check the amount of debris caught by the strainer. If there is an excess of debris, you may want to get your gas elsewhere. Slide the new strainer/filter on.

Install the new gasket for the fuel pump with a little bit of gasket sealer to the mounting surface of the fuel pump. Re-bolt the fuel pump to the engine block and reconnect the electrical connectors. Remove the rubber stoppers from the fuel lines and reconnect those to the fuel pump. Replace the fuel pump fuse, reconnect the negative battery cable and start your truck.

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