How to Put a New Fuel Pump in a Chevy Aveo

by Cassandra Tribe

You may be wondering how you are going to put a new fuel pump in your Chevy Aveo, because the pump is inside the tank and the tank is not accessible from underneath the car. Fortunately, the Aveo is designed to allow for access to the fuel pump without your having to drain and drop the tank. Knowing this, and with a few basic mechanic skills and a replacement fuel pump, you can make this repair in under an hour.

Step 1

Place a glass jar under the in-line fuel filter at the end that connects to the hose coming from the fuel tank.

Step 2

Use a flat-head screwdriver to loosen the screw on the hose clamp, then pull the hose off the filter, letting any gas in the line or remaining in the filter drain into the glass jar. Remove the gas filler cap from your Chevrolet Aveo as well, to completely relieve pressure in the fuel system.

Step 3

Disconnect the negative cable from your battery, and roll down the windows in the Aveo to increase ventilation.

Step 4

Pull the bottom half of the back seat up and toward the front of the Aveo. Remove the bolts attaching the seat to the floor, using a socket set, and pull the seat out of the car. You do not need to remove the back of the seat, just the bottom cushion. Lift the floor panel below the bottom of the rear seat, and you will see the fuel tank.

Step 5

Pull apart the electrical connector joining the fuel pump to the car's electrical system. Remove the four bolts holding the fuel pump in place on the tank. Grab the top of the pump, and twist it counterclockwise until the lock tabs in the top line up with the slots in the tank, and you can pull the fuel pump out.

Step 6

Daub a small amount of dielectric grease on both ends of the electrical connectors (on the new fuel pump and on the car's electrical system), and install the new fuel pump in reverse of removal.

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