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How to Replace a Dodge Caravan Fuel Pump & Filter

by Chris Moore

The fuel pump in the Dodge Caravan is mounted inside the fuel tank like many other vehicles. You need to detach the tank from the van to remove and replace the pump module, but the job is simpler than on many other vehicles. This fuel pump also contains its own filter -- sometimes called a strainer -- that might need replacing. You can replace the fuel pump module, the filter or both if needed.


Start the van's engine. Open the fuel cap and remove the fuel pump relay from the engine's fuse box. Look for the engine to stall, signaling that the fuel pressure is gone.

Disconnect the van's negative battery cable.

Unbolt the fuel tank's straps and lower the tank just enough to access the fuel pump flange. You can have a second person lower the tank, but it might be easier to use a floor jack with a wood block.

Remove the small locking pin on the pump's electrical connector with needle-nose pliers, and disconnect the electrical connector. Press the retainer tabs on the fuel lines and disconnect them from the pump.

Unscrew the pump's locking ring with a strap wrench or a similar hand-made tool that can grip the large ring and turn it.

Pull the water pump out of the tank, then remove and discard the O-ring from the fuel tank.

Pry back the locking tabs connecting the inlet filter to the pump reservoir using a thin screwdriver and remove the filter. This is only needed if this filter is in good condition and you must transfer it to the new pump.


Lubricate the O-ring for the filter with engine oil and connect it to the outlet of the filter. Push the filter onto the pump reservoir's inlet and make sure the locking tabs engage.

Install a new O-ring onto the seating hole on the fuel tank.

Insert the pump module into the tank, tilting it at an angle and making sure you don't damage the filter or the pump float. Make sure the module is properly seated.

Screw the retaining ring into position on the pump module.

Reconnect the fuel lines to the pump using their quick-connect fittings and the electrical connector with its locking pin.

Connect the tank back to the van using its straps and strap bolts.

Reconnect the fuel pump relay and negative battery cable.

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