How to Change a Turn Signal Switch on a Mustang

by Allen Moore

The Ford Mustang turn signal switch is incorporated into the multifunction switch, which also controls the hazard lights and high beam headlights. If you find yourself in need of a new turn signal switch, you can purchase a new multifunction switch from your local Ford dealer and replace it yourself in a matter of minutes. You'll need a few tools and some mechanical inclination to perform this task. Verify your turn signal bulbs are all in good working order before replacing the switch.

Remove the fasteners that hold the clamshell in place using the Philips screwdriver. The clamshell is the semicircular shroud that covers the top of the steering column directly behind the steering wheel.

Remove the fastener(s) holding the multifunction switch in place using the Philips screwdriver.

Lift the old switch out by hand and disconnect the wiring harness. You may need to use the pocket screwdriver to disconnect the harness.

Set the old switch aside and plug the new switch into the wiring harness.

Position the new switch in the steering column and reinstall the fastener(s) you removed in Step 2.

Reinstall the clamshell in reverse of how you removed it.

Turn the ignition key to the "run" position and inspect your turn signals, hazard flashers and other accessories to ensure they are operating properly.


  • check You may need to adjust the steering column for this procedure if your Mustang is equipped with a tilt wheel.

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