How to Change the Turn Signal for the BMW X5

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The X5 is BMW's midsized SUV. It shares some of its components, as well as its design, with the smaller BMW X3. The front turn signals on the BMW X5 are owner-servicable; however, the rear turn signals are not. According to the owner's manual, the X5 must be brought to a BMW dealer if you need to replace the rear turn signals. You can replace the front turn signals in less than five minutes with no tools.

Step 1

Turn the headlight dial on the dash to "0." This ensures that the power to the headlight assembly is turned off. Shut down the X5's engine; pull the hood release lever and open the hood.

Step 2

Look at the back panel of the headlight assembly to find the turn signal. The turn signal is the outermost bub in the assembly. It's right on the edge of the interior fender liner on either side of the X5. You'll see a plastic cap.

Step 3

Rotate the plastic cap to the left to remove it. Now you'll see the turn signal bulb.

Step 4

Turn the bulb holder to the left to disconnect it. The bulb is now free from the assembly. Pull the connection to unplug the wiring from the bulb holder.

Step 5

Attach the replacement bulb's holder to the wiring. It simply plugs in. Place the new bulb into the assembly and turn it to the right. Attach the plastic cap and rotate it to the right to recover the bulb holder.

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