How to Fix the Dash Lights on a 2002 F-150

by Daniel Valladares

The dash lights on your 2002 Ford F-150 serves the purpose of illuminating the various gauges and warnings on your instrument cluster. There are two main problems that can afflict your F-150's dash lights: the bulbs and the fuse. If the bulbs are burnt out, you simply need to replace them. If the fuse blows out, it needs to be replaced as well. Fixing these problems is relatively simple and only takes a few minutes.

Bulb Replacement

Step 1

Turn off the F-150's engine and lift the hood. Remove the black negative terminal from the battery using the socket wrench. Allow ten minutes to pass for the air bags to disengage.

Step 2

Remove the seven retainer screws around the dash trim on the driver's side using a Phillips-type screwdriver. There are three above the F-150's instrument panel and four below it. Pull the trim out of the F-150.

Step 3

Remove the two instrument panel retaining screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Slide the instrument panel out of the F-150 and remove the electrical connection at the rear of the panel.

Step 4

Rotate the old bulbs to the left to remove them. Install the new bulbs by rotating them to the right. If the dash lights are still malfunctioning, replace the fuse (see Section 2).

Reassemble the F-150's instrument panel and dash trim with their accompanying screws.

Fuse Replacement

Step 1

Remove the cover from the fuse block in the engine compartment.

Step 2

Remove the fuse numbered "23." This is the cluster light fuse.

Step 3

Install a replacement 10A fuse. Place the cover back onto the fuse block.

Reconnect the battery to the F-150 by using a wrench to reinstall the negative terminal. Close the hood.

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