How to Change the Bulb of a XJ6 Jaguar

by Patrick Nelson
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Jaguar's XJ-series of automobiles have user-changeable bulbs in the headlamps, parking lights, turn signals, and rear lights. The owner's manual (see below) includes a bulb chart that lists the light description, capacity and type of bulb for each position. For example, the headlight uses a 55 Watt Halogen H7 Long Life bulb. The chart can aid in purchasing new, replacement bulbs. Changing a bulb in an XJ6 Jaguar can be accomplished by following a few easy steps.

Step 1

Identify the blown bulb. Note that if a headlight bulb has blown, the dip beam is on the outside and the high beam is on the inside. Turn off the ignition switch and light switches.

Step 2

Open the hood and replace any blown headlight bulbs. Press the plastic spring clips and remove the bulb holder from the assembly. Pull the bulb out of the bulb holder and replace it with a new bulb. It only fits one way. Be sure not to touch the bulb's glass. Replace any parking lights at the same time, they are in the headlamp unit too.

Step 3

Remove the front turn signal light unit in the bumper to change the turn signal bulb. Push gently on the inside edge and insert a blade between the bumper and the lens at the outside edge. Compress the spring and remove the lens. Fit a new lamp by inserting it into the plug. The side marker light is changed using a similar process.

Step 4

Open the trunk to replace the rear fog light, stop light, tail light, reversing light and turn signal light. Remove the rear light cover and turn the bulb holder fastener 90 degrees counter clockwise. Remove the expired bulb, fit a new one and replace the parts, turning the bulb holder clockwise.

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