How to Change the Battery in a Toyota Camry Key Fob

by Shannon Johnson
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A Toyota Camry can be opened with a regular door key or a smart key. The key fob, or smart key, operates and unlocks the vehicle through a keyless entry option. The key fob contains a small circuit board inside, as well as a battery. In order for the key fob to function properly, you have to replace the battery occasionally. Your Toyota dealer can change the battery for you, but the process is a straightforward one that you should be able to do yourself. In addition to the dealer, Radio Shack carries fob batteries, according to the Lean Crew website.

Step 1

Hold the Toyota Camry key fob firmly. The Lean Crew website explains that the fob can be opened with a flat-head screwdriver or the tip of the car's regular key. Insert the screwdriver or key into the seam of the fob and carefully twist the instrument until the two halves of the fob separate.

Step 2

Use the screwdriver or key to gently pry the circuit board out of the fob casing. The circuit board is held in place with adhesive tape so that it will not fall out unexpectedly. Once the circuit board is removed, turn it over to gain access to the battery.

Step 3

Remove each of the three supports that are holding the battery in place. Take the battery out of the fob.

Step 4

Position the new battery in the key fob according to the illustration on the inside of the fob. The battery must be installed correctly in order for it to work. Position the three supports to secure the new battery.

Step 5

Turn the circuit board over and reinsert it securely into the key fob. Align the two halves of the key fob and apply pressure until they snap together. Once the key fob is securely fastened, test it to make sure that the new battery is working.

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