How to Replace the Batteries in the DVD Player Remote in a Honda Odyssey

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Some Honda Oddysey models come with a factory rear-entertainment system that includes a DVD player with a flip-down screen. The system comes with a remote that lets you pause, play, stop or skip forward on the currently playing DVD. If your remote stops working, the likely culprit is weak battery power. The remote actually uses three batteries. Replacing each is a simple process. You can purchase the small batteries from almost any electronics shop.

Step 1

Push the "Release" button on the Odyssey's DVD play assembly to remove the remote from its storage tray. Turn the remote over to view the back.

Step 2

Push the battery cover toward the bottom edge to remove it from the DVD remote. Inside the compartment you'll see three small batteries.

Step 3

Lift each battery out with your fingers. Insert the new batteries into each battery tray. Verify that the "Plus" sign on the battery is facing up.

Step 4

Slide the DVD remote's battery cover back onto the back of the remote. Test the remote to ensure it works.

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