How to Change a Taillight on a Chevy S-10

by Christian Killian

Replacing the bulbs in the taillight assembly on the rear of your Chevy S10 pickup is important. If the taillights are not functioning properly, drivers behind you will not know you are stopping and may run into your truck. The S10 taillight assembly uses a standard 3157 bulb, available at any auto parts store and through a Chevy dealer. Check both lights before you purchase new bulbs, so you can get two, if needed. You can replace both bulbs in about 15 minutes.

Lower the tailgate of your S10, and allow it to rest on the support cables. Locate the two retaining screws in the bedside near the tailgate latch, and remove them with a Phillips screwdriver.

Pull the taillight away from the bedside, and locate the bulb socket on the rear of the assembly. Turn the socket counterclockwise, pulling it out of the assembly, after it is free.

Pull the bulb out of the bulb socket, and discard it. Install a new bulb into the socket, pushing it in until it sits in the socket. Slide the bulb and socket into the rear of the taillight assembly, and turn it clockwise, locking it in place.

Install the taillight assembly on the rear of the truck, install the retaining screws, and tighten them with a Phillips screwdriver. Close the tailgate, and test the lights by turning on the headlight switch inside the truck.

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