How to Change Spark Plugs in a Yamaha 1100 V Star

by Susan Revermann
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Changing the spark plugs on any vehicle or motorcycle is part of regular maintenance. This will help to keep your engine running smoothly. The removal and replacement procedure for your Yamaha 1100 V Star is a straight forward process that should only take 30 to 60 minutes to complete. There are only a few tools required for this and you will be back on the road in no time.

Step 1

Look on the back of the pillion pad to find the bolt that holds the seat in place on your Yamaha 1100 V Star. Remove this bolt with an Allen wrench. Grab the pad and pull it toward the back of the bike until it releases from the rider's seat bracket.

Step 2

Find the two bolts that hold the rider's seat in place and remove these as well. Lift the back of the seat and pull it toward the back to release it.

Step 3

Go to the fuel tank, find the bolts that hold the base of it in place against the frame and remove these bolts with a socket wrench. Place a drip pan under the area you are working on. Lift the fuel tank a bit until you can reach around to disconnect the fuel lines. Some fuel may leak into the drip pan.

Step 4

Raise the fuel tank and pull it back until it comes off the rubber damper. Disconnect the wiring harness on the back of the fuel tank and put the tank to the side.

Step 5

Find the black wire that was under the fuel tank that runs from the ignition coils. This will lead you to the spark plug area.

Step 6

Grab the wire cap and pull it off of the spark plug. Place a spark plug socket wrench with an extender attached on to the spark plug and turn it counterclockwise. Put the old spark plug to the side.

Step 7

Place a new spark plug in the spark plug hole and tighten it in place in a clockwise direction until snug against the cylinder. Do not over-tighten. Put the wire cap back on, and then perform the procedure again to replace the second spark plug.

Step 8

Replace the fuel tank wiring harness, fuel tank, and seats when you are finished replacing the spark plugs. Safely and responsibly discard the old spark plugs and any fuel that leaked out in the fuel-tank removal process.

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