How to Change an Oil Pan on a Hyundai Elantra

by Alibaster Smith

The oil pan on a Hyundai Elantra holds the engine oil in place to lubricate critical engine components. The crankshaft dips into the oil pan to provide lubrication for the bottom end of the engine while an oil pickup siphons oil to the top of the engine. While the pan itself is normally trouble-free for the life of the Elantra, it can fail if the Elantra bottoms out and hits the road surface or debris on the road. This can break the seal on the oil pan and cause it to leak, or it can punch a hole in the bottom of the pan. When this happens, you must replace the oil pan immediately.

Step 1

Raise the Elantra onto jack stands. Place a floor jack underneath the front jack point on the Elantra located behind the radiator. Jack up the Elantra and place a jack stand under each of the front pinch welds located underneath the driver and passenger side doors on the underside of the car. Lower the Elantra onto the stands.

Step 2

Place the oil catch pan under the engine oil pan.

Step 3

Remove the oil pan drain bolt with a socket wrench by turning it counterclockwise. Drain all of the oil into the oil catch pan.

Step 4

Remove the oil pan to engine block mounting bolts and pull the oil pan down.

Step 5

Clean the mating surface on the engine block with a razor. Be very careful that you do not nick or scratch the mating surface of the engine block while you are cleaning away the old gasket material.

Step 6

Apply RTV sealant to the mating surface of the engine block and also to the mating surface of the new oil pan.

Step 7

Set the oil pan gasket onto the mating surface of the oil pan.

Step 8

Press the oil pan to the engine block.

Step 9

Tighten the oil pan to engine block mounting bolts.

Step 10

Thread and tighten the oil pan drain bolt.

Step 11

Lower the Elantra to the ground.

Step 12

Open the hood and remove the oil filler cap on the top of the engine. Pour in fresh engine oil (amount may vary according to the year of your Elantra). Turn the engine on and check for oil leaks where the oil pan mates to the engine block.

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