How to Change the Headlight Fuse

by Robin McDaniel
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If both of your headlights just stop working for no apparent reason, you may have blown your headlight fuse. Although you could take your car to a mechanic and spend a lot of money to repair this minor issue, you might consider this as a do-it-yourself project. Replacing a headlight fuse is a relatively easy and painless task that will take you little time and effort to perform and save you money by doing the job yourself.

Step 1

Check your owner's manual to find the fuse box in your vehicle. Many newer autos have multiple fuse boxes, so using a manual will help you to more easily locate the appropriate box that contains the headlight fuse information. If your owner's manual is missing, check the car manufacturer's website to see if they have one posted for free for your make and model. You could also call the manufacturer for a copy or check with your local auto parts store.

Step 2

Pop off or unscrew the top of the fuse box to expose the fuses. Take out the old fuse by grasping firmly between two fingers and pulling upwards or outwards. Do not force it, but wiggle a little side to side if it is resistant. Take the fuse with you to an auto parts store for comparison. Ask a clerk for help in finding a replacement fuse for your vehicle.

Step 3

Replace the old fuse by putting the new fuse into the existing outlet. Line up the fuse prongs and push in firmly. Do not press too hard to avoid breaking the fuse. Try to use your headlights to test for correct placement. If the headlights still do not work, try removing and pressing back in to seat the fuse correctly.

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