How to Change the Headlight in a 95 Toyota 4Runner

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The 1995 Toyota 4Runner uses sealed-beam headlights, which is fairly common for a vehicle of its age. Sealed-beam headlights aren't particularly difficult to replace, but you will find the 4Runner's headlights are more difficult than most. To access the headlights, the front grille assembly must be removed from the 4Runner. Even with this inconvenience, you should be able to replace the headlights in less than 30 minutes.

Step 1

Turn the headlight switch to the "Off" position, turn the engine off and open the hood.

Step 2

Remove the screws mounting the parking light and side turn-signal. Pull the lights out and unplug the connection from behind them.

Step 3

Depress the grille retaining clips with a small flat head screwdriver. There are six clips attached to the grille; they are directly behind the grille. Once these clips are disengaged, grasp the center of the grille and pull it away from the front of the 4Runner.

Step 4

Remove the Phillips screws from the headlight bezel, which surrounds the sealed-beam headlight. Pull the bezel off.

Step 5

Remove the two small headlight mounting screws. Do not touch the larger screws; these are for adjusting your headlights.

Step 6

Pull the sealed-beam lamp out; unplug the connection behind it. Attach the connection to the replacement headlight. Insert it into its mount and tighten the screws.

Step 7

Replace the headlight bezel. Re-attach the bezel's screws and tighten them with the screwdriver.

Step 8

Replace the front grille assembly. Align the grille in place on the front and then push it toward the 4Runner to re-engage the retaining clips.

Step 9

Replace the parking lights and turn-signal; tighten the screws to finish.

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