How to Change the Fuel Filter on a 1994 Camry

by Tonya Cunningham
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The fuel filter on your 1994 Toyota Camry is designed to keep contaminants out of the gas tank. A well-maintained fuel system produces efficient gas mileage and a smooth drive, whereas a dirty fuel filter creates costly problems. A fuel filter should be changed every 30,000 miles. It is likely that you already have the necessary tools and supplies in your garage to change your own fuel filter. Even if you are new to car repair, changing the fuel filter is a relatively simple task that may be an excellent starting point in beginning to perform your own routine maintenance.

Step 1

Unplug the fuel-relay fuse, which is located just behind the glove box under the passenger-side dashboard.

Step 2

Run your engine for as long as it takes to stall out. This usually takes only a couple of minutes, but allows enough time for the fuel system to depressurize as it stalls.

Step 3

Unclamp the negative battery cable under your car's hood. The negative cable is black. Removing this connection will prevent any accidental spark from your engine as you work under your car.

Step 4

Use your car jack to elevate the rear end of your car to a height that will allow you to work comfortably under it, but with minimal danger.

Step 5

Place the jack stands on each side of ground beneath you car as a safety precaution.

Step 6

Rock your car gently to ensure that it will not collapse the jack stands as you are changing the filter.

Step 7

Locate your fuel filter, which a cylinder-shaped object attached on each side by the two fuel lines.

Step 8

Position the drip pan just beneath the fuel filter in such a way that it will collect any liquid that falls from the unit during the filter-changing procedure.

Step 9

Unsnap the small clips that connect the filter to the fuel lines. If the clips are too difficult to firmly pinch with your fingers, use the needle-nose pliers together to loosen the filter and gradually bring it down to ground level.

Step 10

Mount the new fuel filter in the same position that the previous filter was mounted. The clips will make a slight snapping sound when they lock in properly.

Step 11

Wipe the fuel system area with your shop rags, as well as any spots the fuel may have dripped on the ground.

Step 12

Remove the drip pan, old filter, needle-nose pliers and shop rags from beneath the vehicle.

Step 13

Take the jack stands out from under the rear of your Camry, and lower the jack cautiously to ground level.

Step 14

Re-attach the black (negative) cable to your car's battery under the hood.

Step 15

Plug the fuel-relay fuse back into its outlet, making sure it is snug before closing the glove compartment.

Step 16

Turn your ignition key over several times, waiting approximately five seconds between each turn. After several attempts, the fuel should be flowing throughout the system and your engine will start.

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