How to Change the Fuel Filter on a Mazda B3000

by Grace Mclain

The fuel system on the Mazda B3000 includes an inline canister fuel filter. The inner part of the fuel filter canister is made up of a fibered filter. As the gas flows through, the fibers trap impurities from the gas. These impurities include rust, small particles and small debris. Once the gas has flowed through the filter, the clean gas then goes back into the fuel lines to the fuel injectors. Replace the fuel filter around 40,000 miles.

Step 1

Park the Mazda B3000 in a ventilated environment such as outside.

Step 2

Remove the gas cap from the tank. Taking the gas cap off of the gas tank will remove the high pressure from the fuel filter and the fuel lines.

Step 3

Jack the passenger side rear of the Mazda B3000 up. Place a jack stand under the designated jacking point on the rear driver side. Lower the jack so that the Mazda B3000 is resting securely on top of the stands. Leave the jack in the up position.

Step 4

Locate the fuel filter inside the rear passenger side frame rail near the fuel tank. The fuel filter is mounted inside of a bracket and has a fuel line coming out of each end.

Step 5

Position the drip pan under the fuel filter. Remove the safety clips from the end of both fuel lines and the fuel filter pipes with the flat head screwdriver. Slide screwdriver under the safety clips and pry them upward until the clips come off.

Step 6

Locate the plastic locking clips holding the ends of the fuel lines to the fuel filter. Slide the screwdriver under the locking clips and pry upward. Wiggle the locking clip as you are prying upward. This will release the locking clip from the fuel filter pipes. Finish prying the locking clips until they are completely out of the end of the fuel lines.

Step 7

Pull both fuel lines straight off of the fuel filter pipes. Wait for the small amount of excess gas to flow out of the fuel filter and the fuel lines into the drip pan. Slide the old fuel filter out of the bracket. Put the fuel filter into the drip pan.

Step 8

Slide the new fuel filter into the bracket. Make sure that the arrow on the side of the new fuel filter is facing the front of the Mazda B3000.

Step 9

Push the fuel lines completely onto the fuel filter pipes. Take the new locking clips and push them down through the holes in the top of the fuel lines. Wiggle the fuel line gently as you are pushing the locking clip into the hole until the locking clips lock to the fuel filter pipes. Carefully pull out on the fuel lines just to make sure the clips are securing the fuel lines to the fuel filter.

Step 10

Push the safety clips back over the fuel lines and the fuel filter ports with your hand. Remove the drip pan from under the Mazda B3000.

Step 11

Screw the gas cap back on to the tank. Turn the ignition key on for about five seconds and then off again. Do this three times. Then crank the engine on the fourth turn. This process will fill the new fuel filter with gas and remove all of the air. Let the engine run for about 30 seconds and then turn the engine off.

Step 12

Inspect the new fuel filter for gas leaks. Jack the rear of the Mazda B3000 back up and pull the stands out. Slowly lower the Mazda B3000 back to the surface and pull the jack out.

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