How to Install a Fuel Filter in a 1997 Cadilac

by Grace Mclain

The fuel filter on the 1997 Cadillac Seville and Deville model cars requires the same removal and installation instructions. The main function of the fuel filter is to keep any trash or small sediments from entering the fuel injectors and the engine. The fuel filter traps the trash and sediments onto the filter that is enclosed inside of the fuel filter housing. Most vehicle manufacturers highly recommend changing the fuel filter between 45,000 and 75,000 miles.

Step 1

Park the 1997 Cadillac on level ground. Remove the fuel cap from the fuel tank.

Step 2

Jack the rear of the Cadillac up with the jack and put the jack stands under the jacking points on each side of the car. Lower the car onto the top of the stands. Make sure that the car is sitting securely and evenly on top of the stands before climbing under the car.

Step 3

Climb under the driver-side rear of the Cadillac and locate the fuel filter. The fuel filter on the 1997 Cadillac Seville and Deville model cars is located inside of the frame rail near the gas tank. The fuel filter is a silver canister and will have a quick-connect fuel line on one end and a screw-on nut on the other end.

Step 4

Slide the gas catch pan underneath the fuel filter to catch the small amount of excess gas that will come out of the fuel lines. Then, compress the end of the quick-connect fuel line with your hand. Squeeze the plastic clips on the quick-connect fuel filter inward and pull the fuel line off the fuel filter.

Step 5

Turn the nut on the other fuel line counterclockwise with a open-end wrench to loosen the fuel line from the fuel filter. Keep turning the nut until the fuel line is completely loose from the fuel filter. Then, slide the fuel line out of the fuel filter.

Step 6

Push the fuel filter out of the bracket with your hand. Then, insert the new fuel filter into the bracket with the arrow that is imprinted on the fuel filter facing the front of the Cadillac.

Step 7

Screw the fuel line nut back onto the end of the fuel filter. Tighten the nut down with the open-end wrench.

Step 8

Push the other fuel line straight onto the end of the fuel filter until the plastic clips lock to the end of the fuel filter. Then, carefully pull back on the fuel lines to make sure that it is locked on. Remove the gas catch pan out from under the Cadillac.

Step 9

Put the fuel cap back on the fuel tank. Make sure that the fuel cap is tight.

Step 10

Sit in the driver seat and turn the key on and off three times. Then, crank the engine and inspect the fuel filter for any fuel leaks. Turn the engine off.

Step 11

Jack the rear of the Cadillac back up and remove the jack stands out from under the jacking points. Slide the jack out from under the Cadillac.

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