How to Change the Fuel Filter on a Chevy Colorado

by Grace MclainUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Jack

  • Jack stands

  • Gas catch pan

  • Clean rag

  • New fuel filter

The Chevy Colorado model trucks come with an external fuel filter that is in control of keeping any impurities out of the fuel injectors. These impurities can include: trash, debris, small particles and deposits from the gas tank. Once the gas leaves the gas tank, it will flow into the fuel filter. The inner part of the fuel filter will then catch and hold the impurities inside of the filter. Then, the clean gas will flow to the fuel injectors and into the engine. Replace the fuel filter on the Chevy Colorado models between 25,000 and 40,000 miles.

Park the Chevy Colorado in a safe working environment with a level surface.

Walk to the rear of the truck and remove the gas cap. This alone will be enough to remove the fuel pressure from the fuel filter.

Jack up the rear axle of the Chevy Colorado and place the jack stands evenly and securely under the rear axle on both sides. Then, slowly lower the Colorado onto the jack stands.

Crawl in front of the gas tank and locate the fuel filter. The fuel filter will be enclosed in a black plastic bracket. The fuel filter will also have two black fuel lines coming out of it, one on each end.

Slide the catch pan underneath the fuel filter. Compress the plastic clips that are on the ends of the fuel lines with a clean rag. Then rotate the fuel lines counterclockwise one-quarter of a turn and pull the lines straight off the fuel filter. Do this to both fuel lines. The plastic clips are what hold the fuel lines to the fuel filter.

Pull the fuel filter out of the black plastic bracket and discard it into the gas catch pan. Position the new fuel filter into the bracket. Be sure that the flow arrow on the fuel filter is facing in the correct direction. The arrow should be pointing towards the outlet fuel line, which is on the driver side.

Push the fuel lines straight onto the new fuel filter tubes until they lock in place. Then, carefully pull out on the lines just to ensure that both fuel lines are secured to the fuel filter tubes. Pull the catch pan out from under the Colorado and screw the gas cap back on.

Get in the truck and turn the ignition on and off four different times to prime the new fuel filter. Then, crank the engine on the fifth turn. Get out of the truck and inspect the new fuel filter for leaks while the engine is running. Then, turn the engine off.

Jack the rear of the Chevy Colorado back up and pull the jack stands out from under the rear axle. Then, lower the Colorado back to the ground and pull the jack out.


The new fuel filter will come with new plastic clips to use if you somehow break the other plastic clips.

The later 2008 through 2010 Chevrolet Colorado model trucks have the fuel filter built into the gas tank.


Do not smoke or use open flames around gas. Use caution when working under a truck that is on jack stands.

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