How to Replace a Fuel Filter on a 2005 Honda Accord

by Sam Orr

Not having a clean system can rob your engine of horsepower and lead to damage. The manufacturer suggests the 2005 Honda Accord's fuel filter be changed every 60,000 miles. Running you car with an old fuel filter can allow pollutants to flow into your engine and also affect your fuel economy. Replacing the fuel filter on a regular basis will save you money and maximize engine performance.

Step 1

Locate the fuse panel under the car's hood and remove the fuel-pump fuse. Start the car and allow the engine to idle until it stalls. This clears the fuel lines of fuel so you can safely access the fuel filter.

Step 2

Locate the fuel filter under the car on the driver's side. The fuel filter is located along the frame rail. Use the crescent wrench to remove the safety clamp covering the fuel lines and fuel filter. Once the clamp is removed, you can remove the fuel lines.

Step 3

Remove the old fuel filter and install the new filter in its place. Make sure to install the new filter with the arrow pointing toward the engine. Reattach the fuel lines to the new fuel filter.

Step 4

Use the crescent wrench to reattach the safety clip to the new fuel filter and fuel lines. Reinsert the fuel pump fuse and close the hood. Attempt to start the engine, but it may be slow to start as the fuel pump flows fuel through the system.

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