How to Change a Ford's Keyless Entry Code

by Matthew Fortuna

Ford vehicles of all models and years can be equipped with keyless entry capabilities. These cars allow you to sync a remote to the transmitter and use the remote to control your door locks, your trunk release, your panic alarm and even your automatic starter if so equipped. You can also change the code for the keyless entries with the same code that you used to program your remote originally.

Enter your Ford vehicle with the keyless remote you would like to reprogram and your ignition key.

Close the doors and insert the ignition key into the ignition. Turn the key from "Off" to "Run" eight times in 10 seconds.

Wait for the locks in the car to automatically cycle. Press and hold any button on your keyless remote within 20 seconds.

Hold the button for up to 15 seconds until the locks click again. The programming of the remote will be finished with a new code.

Remove the key from the ignition to end the programming sequence.

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