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How to Change the Battery on a 2006 Impala SS

by Cassandra Tribe

When it comes time to change the battery on a 2006 Impala SS you had better have an afternoon free. The 2006 Impala is designed differently from other years and has the battery tucked under the frame vbrace and fuse box. This is why the 2006 Impala uses a remote positive terminal for the purpose of jump-starting the car--because accessing the battery is not a quick and easy job. Once you have done it, you will be able to do it quicker the next go around because you will know the tricks to getting the battery out and in.

Remove the Old Battery


Remove the frame brace from the engine compartment. The frame brace is a bar that is bolted between the front of the car and the rear at a slight angle to increase the rigidity of the frame in the event of an accident. The three bolts holding it in place (two in the front and two at the rear) are easily removed with a socket wrench.


Remove the two bolts at the top of the fuse box that hold the fuse box in place on the strut tower. Feel underneath the fuse box for the locking tab of the cover, push up on the tab and remove the cover of the fuse box.


Use a 1/2-inch short socket to loosen the two bolts on either end of the battery brace. Remove the bolt at the firewall (the wall between the engine and the interior of the car) completely and rotate the brace off the battery.


Use a socket wrench to loosen the terminal connector bolt on the negative battery cable and then pull the negative battery cable off the battery. Do the same for the positive cable. You must disconnect the negative cable first to prevent possible shock or an electrical short.


Lift the fuse box up while tilting the battery forward. When the edge of the battery is past the fuse box, pull the battery out of the holder.

Install the New Battery


Pull the fuse box forward and slide the battery into the battery holder. You will have to insert the battery with it tilted away from the holder until the bottom touches and then push it back and into place.


Connect the positive battery cable to the positive battery terminal and tighten the terminal connector bolt. Do the same for the negative terminal.


Rotate the battery brace back over the battery so that the bolt hole on the brace lines up with the bolt hole in the firewall. Insert the firewall side-bolt and tighten the bolts on both ends of the battery brace till they are hand-tight, then tighten them one-half turn more.


Replace the fuse box cover by inserting the locking tab into the slot at the bottom of the fuse box and pushing the cover on.


Bolt the fuse box back onto the strut tower by inserting the two bolts removed in Step 2 of Section 1 and tightening the bolts until they are hand-tight and then turning them one-half turn more. Re-install the frame brace making sure to replace all three bolts removed in Step 1 of Section 1 and tightening the bolts till they are hand-tight and then tightening them one-half turn more.


  • Remove the right-front headlight to help you access the battery. The Impala SS is designed with a "hand hole" in the frame behind the headlight so you can reach through and push the battery out of its holder. See your owner's manual for how to remove the headlight (if you don't have a manual, download one from the link in the Resources below).

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