How to Change a 2000 Volvo S80 Battery

by Mark Robinson
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Replacing a battery when it comes to the end of its lifespan is a part of routine automotive maintenance. Signs of a failing battery include the inability to sustain an adequate charge, excess acid deposits and eroded terminal posts. Not replacing the battery in time can result in you being stranded on the side of the road. The battery in the Volvo S80 is located inside the trunk, with remote jump points used at the front of the vehicle in order to accommodate jump-starts.

Step 1

Use the remote trunk release to open the trunk. If the battery is dead, open the hood and locate the positive jump point at the front of the engine bay on the right side. Attach the positive jumper cable lead from a battery charger to the positive jump point and attach the negative lead to a metal surface on the vehicle. Apply 12 volts to the jump point with the battery charger and open the trunk with the remote release. If the battery is not dead, wait at least 10 minutes after switching off the ignition before disconnecting the battery so that all information in the car's electrical system can be stored in the control modules.

Step 2

Enter the trunk and remove the cargo mat cover. The battery will be near the rear left side next to the spare tire and held down with a bracket and plastic cover. Remove the two retaining nuts at the top of the bracket and loosen the retaining bolt at the bottom with a ratchet and socket. Move the bracket aside and lift out the plastic cover.

Step 3

Pull the ventilation hose from the battery. Remove the negative terminal lead from the battery using a ratchet and socket. Remove the positive terminal lead and lift the battery out of the trunk. Place the new battery in the mounting area. Attach the positive terminal leads to the positive battery post first. Attach the negative terminal lead to the battery and reattach the ventilation hose.

Step 4

Place the plastic cover over the battery and swing the bracket back into position. Reattach the two retaining nuts at the top of the bracket and tighten the retaining bolt at the bottom with a ratchet and socket. Place the cargo mat cover over the battery area and close the trunk.

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