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How to Replace a Mini Cooper Battery

by Arthur Barnhouse

The battery in your Mini Cooper is put to use every time you start your car. Without the battery, you would not be able to use your headlights, radio or power accessories. Of course, without a fully charged battery, you couldn’t experience the fun of driving your Mini Cooper in the first place. If it is time to remove your old battery, you can install a new one on your own with relative ease in a short period of time. Advanced mechanical aptitude is not required.


Place your Mini Cooper in “Park” and turn off the ignition, as well as accessories such as the radio or lights. If you own a Mini Cooper S, your battery is in the trunk or cargo area. In this case, lift the floor mat in the trunk to access the battery. For all other Mini Coopers, you’ll find the battery under the hood on the driver’s side, near back of the engine compartment.


Connect a memory saver unit to the vehicle according to its manufacturer's instructions.


Remove the plastic guard covering the battery. Exact configurations will vary depending on the year of your Mini Cooper, but the plastic cover should easily unhook from its hinge. Once you've removed the plastic cover, place it to the side. Loosen the nuts on the battery hold down, using a socket and ratchet. Remove the battery hold down bracket.


Loosen the nut on the clamp attached to the negative battery post, with a battery wrench. Remove the cable from the negative battery post. Repeat for the positive battery cable.


Remove the old battery from the vehicle. Place the new battery into the compartment. Attach the positive cable to the positive battery terminal and snug it. Attach the negative cable to the negative terminal and snug it.


Install the battery hold down and tighten it the nuts. Snap the plastic battery cover into place. Depending on the model of your Mini Cooper, either close the hood or replace the floor mat and shut the cargo area.


Remove the memory saver unit from the vehicle.

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