How to Change the Battery in a Honda Accord

by Robert Tomashek
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Getting that dreaded "click, click" and then silence, when trying to start your 2010 Accord tends to come at the worst time. A dead battery happens frequently with little or no warning. Your 2010 Accord may have been equipped with the four- or six-cylinder engine, but both have the same battery replacement procedure.


Step 1

Remove the key from the ignition. Install the memory saver per its manufacturer's instructions. Not using a memory saver can cause several problems. The stereo-navigation unit will lock and the clock will need to re reset. Make sure you have your radio lock code before you proceed without a memory saver.

Step 2

Remove the negative battery cable and isolate it from the battery. Using the ratchet and a 10 mm socket, remove the two nuts holding the battery cross-bar in place. Remove the cross-bar. Using the same size socket, loosen the negative battery cable nut. Loosen the positive battery cable nut, remove the cable and isolate it from the battery.

Remove the battery cover from the battery by lifting it straight up. Remove the battery from the car without tilting it too much. You do not want to allow any acid to spill. Clean any corrosion from the battery cable ends with the wire brush.


Step 1

Match the new battery to the old battery, making sure that the positive and negative terminals are on the correct side of the battery. Install the battery into the vehicle. Place the battery cover over the battery.

Step 2

Install the positive battery cable and tighten the clamp nut to 4 foot-pounds. Install the battery cross-plate and tighten both hold-down nuts until they are snug and you cannot move the battery by hand. Install the negative battery cable and tighten the clamp nut to 4 foot-pounds.

Apply a light coat of dielectric grease to the battery terminals to prevent corrosion. Remove the memory saver. Start the car and verify that all electrical systems are working properly.

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