Case 1150D Dozer Specs

by Ken White

The J.I. Case Company was formed in 1863 by Jerome Case and three partners. Six years later, Case manufactured the first steam engine tractor, called the Old No. 1. That tractor is on display at the Smithsonian Institution. By 1886, the company was the largest manufacturer of steam engines in the world. The Case 1150D dozer, manufactured in the mid-1980s, is the fourth version of the first Case 1150, which was introduced in 1965.

Engine and Drivetrain

The Case 1150D has a 504-cubic inch six-cylinder diesel engine. The engine is naturally aspirated and has an open chamber design. It has aluminum alloy pistons and a 24-volt electric starter. The engine has 125 horsepower at 2,100 rpm. The 1150D has a constant mesh transmission with four forward gears and four reverse gears. Steering is controlled by both independent hydraulic clutches and power disc brakes. The dozer can make four types of turns: power, gradual, counter-rotation, and brake turns. It has two multiple power disc brakes, which are independently controlled by pedals in the cab. The brakes can be used without disengaging the transmission. The 1150D also has a hand-operated parking brake.

Undercarriage and Suspension

The Case 1150D has six track rollers on each side, and one carrier roller. The rollers and the drum-type idlers are permanently lubricated. The track is 86.7 inches on the ground, and each track has 40 shoes. The dozer has equalizer beam suspension, which allows the tracks to oscillate to improve ride, traction and blade control.

Dozer Hydraulics and Blade

The 1150D has hydraulic control of all functions of the blade, including lift, lower, angle, pitch and tilt. The hydraulic pump has a mounted gear-type torque converter, and will pump 50 gallons per minute at 2,100 rpm. The dozer has two lift cylinders, two angle cylinders and two tilt/pitch cylinders. The lift cylinders are 3.5 inches in diameter with a 36.7-inch stroke, the angle cylinders are 3 inches in diameter with a 45.9-inch stroke, and the tilt/pitch cylinders are 4 inches in diameter with a 5.2-inch stroke. The blade of the 1150D is 127 inches wide with a 62-inch track gauge and 38 inches high. It will lift 37.3 inches above the ground and drop 21.6 inches below the ground. The blade will angle from 0 to 25 degrees in both directions, and tilt 15 inches. The cutting edge of the blade is 99.3 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 0.63 inches thick.

Dimensions and Weight

The Case 1150D is 183 inches long with the blade straight and 208 inches long with the blade angled. It is 127 inches wide with the blade straight and 117 inches wide with the blade angled. It has a turning circle of 21 feet. The dozer weighs 22,608 pounds.

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