1985 Honda Goldwing Aspencade Specs

by Martin Cole
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The height of luxury in touring bikes, delivering a stable and smooth ride, the 1985 Honda Goldwing was a truly classic motorcycle. Much as the Goldwing had done since it was introduced in 1974 as the GL1000, the 1985 Aspencade model provided superior comfort and reliability, making it the top of the class for long rides.


A 1182cc liquid-cooled overhead camshaft engine provides the power to the 1985 Goldwing Aspencade. The engine has four cylinders -- each possessing two valves -- with bore and stroke of 3.0 x 2.6 inches and a compression ratio of 9 to 1. The 408-watt alternator is fitted with a cushion damper to lessen sound. A C.F.I carburetor delivers fuel, and a five-speed shaft-drive constant mesh transmission delivered the engine's power to the wheels. The 19865 Aspencade has a transistorized pointless ignition system with electronic advance. The 1985 Aspencade has a top speed of 118.7 mph. It generates 94 horsepower at 7,000 rpm.


The 1985 Honda Goldwing Aspencade has a strong double-cradle frame. It measures 99.6 inches long and 38.2 inches wide. The seat is positioned 30.7 inches high. The wheelbase is 63.4 inches. The front tire is 16 inchs in diameter and the rear tire is 15 inchs. The wheels are alloy. The 1985 Aspencade weighs 727.5 lbs. when empty. Including gas and other liquids it weighs 734.1 lbs.

Brakes and Suspension

Stopping power for the 1985 Aspencade is provided by interconnected brakes with dual piston calipers, with double ventilated discs in front and a single disc at the back. Absorbing the bumps in the road are air-assisted 1.6-inch front forks and dual TRAC anti-drive rear shocks with air assist.

Other Features

Taking regular unleaded gas, the 1985 Aspencade has a fuel capacity of 5.81 gallons. It has a wet multiplate clutch and utilizes a four-into-two exhaust system with balance tubes. Comfort is paramount in the Goldwing Aspencade; it has a deep-pleated foam seat that can be adjusted into three different positions. The 1985 Aspencade includes passenger side grips as well as stylish aluminum handlebars that can be adjusted if desired.

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