Cars That Look Like Jeeps

by Susanne Koenig
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Often the brand name Jeep--a domestic car company owned by DaimlerChrysler--is used to describe almost any SUV, whether or not it's a Jeep. The iconic four-wheel drive military-type vehicle has, according to Edmunds, a loyal following. However, if for some reason you'd like to own a car that looks like a Jeep but isn't a Jeep, there are several makes and models to choose from, both domestic and foreign. These smaller vehicles still have excellent towing capacity and a good deal of storage for whatever you need to haul. With a shorter body and a narrower profile, these vehicles are a good substitute for the dimensions of a Jeep without sacrificing any of the quality. What you do sacrifice, however, is that telltale grill that makes a Jeep a Jeep.

Toyota Rav4

Starting at $22,025, the Toyota Rav4 features 28 mpg highway and comes in three separate makes: the Rav4, the Rav4 Sport, and the Rav4 Limited. All are priced under $25,000 and come with Toyota's exclusive Toyota Care warranty package. All have halogen headlamps, hill start assist, downhill assist, high solar energy absorbing glass, timed rear window defogger and a hard spare tire cover. They come with a basic 36,000 mile warranty and have a climate control and audio system as standard features.

Honda CRV

The Honda CRV has a suggested retail price that is rather low for a SUV, which is just over $21,000. It has a very fuel efficient engine at 28 MPG on the highway and has both two wheel and four wheel drive options. It is an ultra low emission vehicle, and has privacy glass in the rear for a private driving experience. It comes with a Bluetooth hands-free link and an optional Honda designed navigation system that requires no subscription service. He has a leather trimmed interior and has a compact, aerodynamic shape. It has the standard 17 inch wheels and can deliver 180 horsepower with a i-VTEC four cylinder engine.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

This SUV features a four cylinder engine with 26 MPG on the highway and comes in at under $20,000. It seats five individuals, has a luggage capacity of 12.5 square feet and a fuel tank that will hold 17 gallons of gas. It has a sunroof, a GPS system, and comes with an optional bike rack on the roof. It has a 2.4 liter engine with an all-aluminum engine and has 166 horsepower. It comes with a four speed automatic and comes with a towing package that rivals both Jeep and and Honda. It comes with four- wheel drive standard and can be changed to two wheel drive at the change of a dial. It comes with hill start assist. It has a towing feature that allows you tow your car without accumulating miles on the odometer.

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