Car Alarm Remote Start Installation Instructions

by Lauren Treadwell

Installing a car alarm and remote start system is a great way to outfit your vehicle with two modern conveniences: burglar protection and the ability to start your vehicle remotely (for example, from inside your house when it is cold outside). For the do-it-yourselfer without any automotive or electrical engineering training, a car alarm and remote start installation may prove quite challenging. You should always follow the instructions that come with your particular car alarm and remote start device, however, there are some general installation strategies you can keep in mind.

Installing the Alarm Components

A typical car alarm and remote start system will have several alarm components you will need to mount inside of your vehicle. These commonly include -- but are not limited to -- a control module, a shock or vibration sensor and a siren. According to, you will want to mount your control module, which is responsible for transmitting signals between the car alarm and your controller, high up in the front portion of your vehicle, such as above the glove compartment or sound system. Placing the module in your vehicle's center console is another option. You should use the bonding method described in your specific installation manual, which may call for using small screws or high-strength glue. Never install the module under the hood of your car, as the vibration and heat could damage it. When installing the shock sensor, the above source recommends using plastic cable or zip ties to fasten it to the steering column. Of course, make sure this will not interfere with your vehicle's maneuverability. Also, you will need to connect the control module to the sensor, so keep this in mind when deciding on component placement. The alarm's siren should be installed in a location where it is difficult for burglars to gain access, such as way up behind the steering column or deep inside of your vehicle's control panel. recommends installing the siren with the speaker side down, so it does not collect moisture.

Wiring the Ignition Switch

The remote starter portion of your car alarm and remote start system needs to be wired to your vehicle's ignition switch, which is an electronic panel behind the lock cylinder (where you insert your key). According to, you will typically have to find four components from your vehicle's ignition switch and connect them to your remote starter mechanism. These include wires for power, starter, ignition and accessory. According the above source, all of these wires should be easy to find, as they are typically of a high gauge. You should carefully solder all connections, and then cover them in electrical tape for added protection.

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