Car Dent Puller Instructions

by Wesley Tucker

Auto body dent removal tools come in two types. One type pulls on the metal with suction on the exterior while the other pushes the metal from the inside. Suction-type dent pullers are easily used by most anyone to remove a dent without any creasing in the body panel. Dent pushing tools work from the inside and can remove creases. They do, however, require gaining access to the inside of the body panel. Before using a dent puller, check to see the type of dent and the condition of the body panel around the edges of the dented area.

Using a Dent Puller

Find the approximate center of the dent. Feeling with your hand can often be more effective than just looking because the reflecting light on the body paint can distort the dent's true position. Place the dent puller with the suction cup centered in the dent and the two legs of the dent puller located as close to the outside the dented area as possible. Try to place the two legs outside the dented area if it is wide enough. When the suction cup is centered, moisten the rubber cup and push it into the middle of the dent. Gently screw out the dent puller and allow the contra-rotating screws drive in the legs while the suction cup pulls on the dent. Do not be surprised if the dent pops up and the body panel is back into shape. Sometimes, though, only a portion of the dent is removed. When this happens, place the dent puller again in a second location and repeat the process.

Advantages of the Dent Puller

The best advantage of the dent puller is it can remove a dent without leaving any telltale scratches or marks in the body panel. Also, auto body paint has a certain elasticity and will bend with the body panel. If the paint is not chipped or scratched after the car is dented, the paint will be whole and unmarred after using the dent puller. Just a good wipe with a cloth and buffing of the area and the body panel is back to normal.

Disadvantages of the Dent Puller

A dent puller can pull a dent from a creased body panel dent but unfortunately the crease will remain. Reworking the body panel is the only way to remove the body damage left behind by a crease. This may involve using a dent pusher to even out the crease and then refinishing the surface and applying paint. Judging the severity of the crease and the need for more work than the dent puller can do takes a good eye and some experience. If you find yourself doubting the final result, consider taking the car to an auto body professional or getting more involved in auto body repair and finishing.


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