How to Bond Fiberglass to Metal

by Tom Price

Normally, fiberglass and metal do not mix. When they do, it is usually in an automotive or marine application and not around the house. The most common application is that of a fiberglass scoop on a metal hood. Bonding fiberglass to the metal works better than trying to attach the scoop with pop rivets or screws, covering up the whole mess with body filler and having it crack within two weeks.

Step 1

Rough up the metal surface with a piece of coarse grit sandpaper. If bonding fiberglass gelcoat, rough that up too. Roughing up the surfaces give the epoxy more surface area to bond the fiberglass to the metal.

Step 2

Mix up a batch of the epoxy large enough to bond the fiberglass to the metal. Follow the instructions on the epoxy packaging for mixing ratios. Mix the epoxy with a popsicle stick.

Step 3

Apply the epoxy to the metal surface and the fiberglass surface. Stick the fiberglass and metal together. Wipe off any epoxy that squeezes out. Allow the epoxy 24 to 48 hours to cure, bonding the fiberglass to the metal.

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