How to Push Out a Dent

by Jenny Carver
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Not all dents found on a car are so severe that they require major work and specialized tools to repair. Many dents are shallow and easy to reach from the back side of the damaged panel. If your car has one of these simple, shallow dents, you can probably avoid the time and expense of taking the car to a collision shop and push out the dent yourself. You will need only a screwdriver and small hammer from your own garage.

Step 1

Look at the area and panel that is dented. If the dent is on a fender, look under and behind the fender to see how to get to the back side of the dent. You may need to remove some small Phillips screws to get rid of plastic covers protecting the underside of the car. Get into a position so that you can feel the back side of the dent with your hand.

Step 2

Use a small hammer to gently tap the backside of the dent. Start in the center and work your way to the outer edges of the dent, tapping more gently near the edges. Tap or hit the back of the dent until it is completely out.

Step 3

Check the outside surface to see what shape the dent is in. If the hammer hit too hard on the back side of the dent, it may have caused a high spot on the panel. Place the towel against the high spot and hit the towel with the hammer until the area is smooth and blends with the surrounding surface.

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