How to Take Out a Creased Car Dent

by Steve Smith
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A crease dent is one that is shaped like an elongate oval with a deep recession in the middle of the oval. These dents often occur due to accidents and they are removed using specially designed tools that actually reshape the metal. This is often called a "paintless" repair technique. It may be more effective than a dent puller, which does not always pull out the entire crease dent because of the dent's oval shape. In addition, with this method you will not need to repaint the damaged area.

Step 1

Remove the dented panel and place it on a table or workspace. Locate the area of the crease dent and inspect its shape and depth. Take note of how deep the dent is. If it is highly recessed (more than one inch deep) go to step two. If not, skip to step three.

Step 2

Slide the head of your knockdown dent shaping tool behind the dent and center it in the very middle of the crescent shape in the deepest part of the dent. Press lightly on the metal, pushing the panel dent forward until it is no longer deeply recessed.

Step 3

Place the head of the knockdown tool behind the dent at the farthest end of the crease dent either on the left or right side. Lightly push the tool head up against the crease dent forcing the metal forward until the crease comes out. Work across the crease in this fashion, lightly pushing the metal forward as you move the tool across the crease dent. This will reform the dent to its original position.

Step 4

Inspect the top of the crease dent for signs that the metal has been pushed too far forward. If you find high spots, place your knockdown tool on top of them, and lightly tap them down with one even stroke of the hammer.

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