How to Tell if a Car Rim Is Bent?

by Cheryl Starr
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Your car can make many sounds when you're driving down a road. Mechanics often will tell you that a constant thumping sound means a dented rim is probable. Wobbling or shaking in the tires can also be signs of bent or damaged rims. However, you cannot be completely sure about the damage to a rim until you visually examine it. A mechanic can help you determine a rim's situation and whether it can be fixed or not. There are some guidelines to help you discover if your car rim is bent before taking it to a mechanic.

Step 1

Remove the rim from the tire. If the damage isn't obvious while the rim is on the tire, take a closer look.

Step 2

Examine both lips of the rim. Look for dents, warps, indentations or bends in the outside and the inside lips. The lip is where most of the damage to a rim usually occurs.

Step 3

Lay the rim down on a flat surface. Examine the rim to see if it is rocking on the surface or if it is laying flat.

Step 4

Take the rim to a tire shop to have it checked out. A mechanic can inspect the rim and tell you if it is bent or damaged. A mechanic will place a tire and rim on a wheel balance machine. This is a very effective way of telling if a rim is damaged.

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