Can Synthetic Oil Be Mixed With Regular?

by Jay Motes
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Synthetic oil has a number of advantages over regular oil that can help extend engine life. However, the cost of synthetic oil makes many consumers want to mix it with more inexpensive conventional oil.

Mixing Oil

Major motor oil manufacturers offer consumers a choice of synthetic oil, regular oil and oil that is a mix of synthetic and regular. Manufacturers also state that consumers can mix oil as well.

Adding Oil

No matter whether the oil in the engine is synthetic or regular oil, you can add either oil as needed between oil changes. Adding regular oil before an oil change is one way to reduce the cost of oil used in a vehicle.

Swithing Between Synthetic and Conventional

Switching between synthetic and conventional motor oil used to cause problems with seals and gaskets that caused oil leaks. However, modern synthetic acts in a similar manner to conventional oil, and these problems no longer occur.

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