How Can I Make My Muffler Louder?

by Mark O'Brien
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Making your vehicle sound louder doesn't always require a custom exhaust system, which can be very expensive. You will have to buy new exhaust pipes and connect custom Flowmaster or Glasspack exhausts to the back. An easy way to make your muffler louder is to increase the main exhaust exit hole noise by enhancing the sound with a cone-shaped header and by increasing the amount of exhaust exit holes in the muffler itself.

Step 1

Tighten a 1/4-inch drill bit into a drill. Plug in the drill.

Step 2

Position yourself under the rear of your vehicle directly under the muffler.

Step 3

Drill 20 to 30 holes in the base of the muffler that are evenly spaced.

Step 4

Measure the rear exhaust hole diameter on your current muffler. Purchase an exhaust tip header that is the proper diameter; you will want to buy a tip that is cone-shaped so the exhaust sound is amplified.

Step 5

Remove the set screw on the exhaust tip header neck with an Allen wrench. Push the exhaust tip header onto the end of the muffler exhaust pipe and tighten it into place with the Allen wrench.

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