How Can I Donate a Car Without a Pink Slip?

by Jamie Lisse

A car "pink slip" is just another name for the car title. Some states, such as California, have issued car titles in the past that were called “pink slips” instead of “car titles.” Non-profit organizations that accept car donations typically require that the vehicle have a valid title. If you do not have the title you can apply for a duplicate title to replace the lost title. If the vehicle is still financed and you do not own it yet, then you cannot get a title for it. You can only donate a car that has no outstanding lien on it.


Visit your local department of motor vehicles (DMV) office or web site. Typically, the DMV issues car titles, but it can vary by state. If you are not sure where to go in your state, start with your state's DMV web site.


Complete an application for a duplicate title for your car. Typically, you must list the car make, model, year and VIN number as well as your name and address.


Submit the completed form at your DMV office, or other office that issues car titles. You will need to have photo ID as well as proof of registration. To get the duplicate car title you will also need to pay the duplicate title fee, which varies by state.


Donate your car to your charity of choice once you have received your duplicate car title. Be sure to sign over the new title to the charity to transfer ownership.

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