How to Check Toyota Recall Information by VIN

by Dwight Malone

The vehicle identification number (VIN) on your Toyota is the fingerprint of your vehicle. It is a sequence of 17 numbers and letters that holds key information, including the model year, a numeric code for the plant where it was manufactured and the six-digit serial number of the vehicle. If you wonder whether or not your Toyota has been part of a recall, you can use the VIN to check and see.

Step 1

Find the VIN on your vehicle and write it down. You can find your VIN under the lower front driver's side of the windshield. It will be located in a small rectangle. You can also find your VIN on sales documents from when you bought the Toyota. Depending on which state you live in, it may also be on your vehicle's registration card.

Step 2

Go to the first link under "References" below.

Step 3

Type in your VIN in the Vehicle ID Number box and click "Submit."

Step 4

Enter the letter and number combination you see in the box that pops up.

Step 5

Read the results to see what recalls, if any, your Toyota has been a part of.

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