How to Buckle a Motorcycle Helmet

by Anastasia Blackwood
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While motorcycle helmets come in many styles, the traditional double d-ring fastener will never go out of style. Learning to fasten your helmet quickly and with ease is a valuable skill. Motorcycle helmets are an important part of riding safely, so becoming efficient with fastening your helmet is invaluable.

Step 1

Place the helmet firmly on your head and make sure it is positioned comfortably.

Step 2

Grip both straps on either side of your head and run your fingers down the length of them to ensure they are not twisted.

Step 3

Pass the strap through both d-rings, starting with the ring that is closest to the inside of your helmet. Once you have passed it through the first d-ring, continue passing the strap through the second ring.

Step 4

Separate the rings with your fingers and loop the strap back in, passing it through the ring closest to the inside.

Step 5

Pull the strap firmly, so it fits snugly under your chin but does not pinch it.

Step 6

Check to see if the helmet is secure by moving your head up and down, left and right and checking for movement. The helmet should not move freely.

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