American Cars Vs. Japanese Cars

by Chelsei Henderson
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When making a decision to purchase a car, the choice between foreign or American comes into question. Each choice offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Decide which choice fits you by weighing both characteristics.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's 2010 chose 10 cars and compiled a list of the safest cars. Among this list you can find a Ford Taurus and Honda Civic. American cars had six cars on the list while Japanese cars only had four.

Fuel Efficiency

With a focus on large SUVs and vans, the American car makers do not make incredibly fuel efficient cars. On the other hand, the sedan-focus, Japanese auto makers make cars as fuel efficient as possible.


Typically, American-made vehicles do not cost as much as Japanese made cars. In addition to costing more money, Japanese-made cars have higher maintenance costs.

Resale Value

While American cars do not cost as much money and have lower maintenance costs, Japanese cars keep a higher resale value.

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