How to Adjust the Idle on a 2003 Altima

by Kelly Thomas
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The 2003 Altima,s fuel injection system is governed by a computer. Adjusting the idle on it can be expensive if it you take it to a shop. Resolving your problem may require the services of a professional, but there are three procedures you can try first, any one of which may work.

Step 1

Clear Self-Learn Settings: Disconnect the battery cables, first the negative (black), then the positive. Touch the cable ends together for ten seconds. Reconnect the cables to the battery. This should clear all of the self-learn settings.

Step 2

Reset the Idle Air Volume Learn Function: Turn the key on (but do not start the engine) for one second and off for ten seconds. Repeat three times. Time the intervals as accurately as possible. This should reset the idle air volume learn function.

Step 3

Reset Throttle Valve Closed Position Learn: The engine and transmission must be at normal operating temperature for this procedure. Drive the car around--don't just warm it up in the driveway. Turn the ignition off and wait ten seconds. Verify that the accelerator is fully released, then turn the ignition back on and wait for three seconds. Push the pedal in and release it fully five times within five seconds. Wait for seven seconds, then push the pedal in and hold it for twenty seconds. The MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) will stop blinking and come on steady. Hold the pedal in until the MIL goes out. When it goes out, release the pedal and start the engine within 3 seconds.

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