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How to Adjust the Headlights in a Dodge Durango

by Contributor

Every 12 months or anytime you change the bulb for the headlight in your Dodge Durango, you should check the trajectory path for you headlights and adjust them to ensure proper alignment. While Dodge recommends you only allow an authorized service to make adjustments, any do-it-yourself fan can adjust the headlights.

Step 1

Find a level surface near a wall and pull your Dodge Durango in so it almost touches the wall. With the SUV in park (and the emergency brake dispensed), leave your headlights on and get out. Mark the center of each headlight on the wall with masking tape or a writing utensil.

Step 2

Back your Dodge Durango away from the wall until you reach a distance of 20 to 25 feet from the wall. Park and leave your headlights on.

Step 3

Locate the vertical adjustment screws which should be under each headlight. You may need to remove the bezel to see the screws. Dodge only uses a vertical adjustment on the Dodge Durango, so don't waste time looking for the horizontal adjustment.

Use a Torx tool head or an Allen wrench to adjust the vertical adjustment screw. Keep an eye on the mark on the wall. The high intensity zone for each headlight should hit 3 inches below the center of your line. Any higher and you will blind oncoming drivers.


  • Newer models of the Dodge Durango may have the adjustment screws located under the hood near the headlight assembly. Look for the star-shaped screw.


  • If the drivers in oncoming cars continually flash their bright lights at you, you may have the high beams trajectory too high.

Items you will need

  • Masking tape or writing utensil
  • Phillips screwdriver, Torx tool head or Allen wrench

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