How to Add a Name to a Car Title in Virginia

by Shanan Miller
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You may need to add a person to your title who has become a part of your household or to allow that person to take care of vehicle matters if you are away. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires that both the owner and the added owner go to the DMV to complete this process. The Viriginia DMV, unlike most states, is able to print the new title while you're present--there is no wait to receive it.

Step 1

Download and fill out the form "VSA 66," which is titled as "Supplemental and Transfer Liens or Replacement and Substitute Titles" from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website (see Resources). Alternately, get the form at your local Department of Motor Vehicles office.

Step 2

Complete form VSA 66. Check off the box that reads "Substitute Title Certificate" under "Application Type." Below this first box, under "Owner Information," input the owner's and co-owner's complete information, using the address where you want the title to be sent. Under the second box labeled "Vehicle Information," fill out all information completely. Leave the box labeled "Vehicle Information Change" blank unless you have made a change to your vehicle. Do not fill out any lien information; this form also doubles as a transfer of lien notice. Go to box number seven labeled "Signatures" to sign and date the form. Your co-owner must also sign.

Step 3

Visit a local division of your Virginia DMV to submit your title form. Bring your current title and the person you are adding to the title, as well as a legal form of identification for you and the new title holder. Sign the "seller" portion of your title, as well as the "buyer" portion--the added owner is also required to sign as the buyer.

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