How to Buy a Car in Pennsylvania & Register in New Jersey

by Alexis Devan
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Registering an out of state car in New Jersey can create the need for extra paper work and time spent at the Division of Motor Vehicles. You should be prepared with all the proper documentation in order to ensure a successful trip to get your Pennsylvania-bought car registered in New Jersey.


You must register the vehicle in New Jersey within 60 days, or before the Pennsylvania registration expires, whichever is first.


You will need to bring several documents with you to the motor vehicle commission agency in order to register your care in New Jersey. First, if your car has a lien on the title, you will need the lien holder to complete document number ISM/SS-54 so you have a clean title. You will also need the name and policy number of your New Jersey car insurance, proof of social security (or exemption), the vehicle's odometer reading, your current New Jersey driver license number, application for titling (form ISM/SS-7) and registration (form BA-49), and the completed sales tax stamp on form ISM/SS-7.


If you are leasing the car, you need to have the dealer you are leasing from register and title your vehicle in New Jersey on your behalf. Also, if you do not have a drivers license, you will need to present identification in order to have a New Jersey license number assigned to you.


The cost to register your car depends upon the age and weight of the car, with older and smaller cars less expensive than newer or larger ones. For example, a car made in 1970 or older and under 2,700 pounds will cost $35.50, as of July 1, 2006, while a car made within the last two years, and under 3,500 pounds will cost $59. A complete fee listing is updated periodically and available online or at any motor vehicle commission agency.

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